Texas Mom Goes After Beer Thieves On Foot

Monique Lawless, a Houston area single mother, was shopping at Wal-Mart when she noticed that three young men were stealing three cases of beer. Right there. Broad daylight. And nobody was doing anything. She described the young men as “so smug” that it enraged her. She was in the checkout lane and notified the cashier but the cashier said she couldn’t. So Lawless said “Watch my purse” and hauled off after them. You can watch the video here.

She was planning to just get their license number. As others called 9-1-1, she realized the suspects were going to get away.

The suspects’ car was illegally parked in a fire lane. She took a running leap and landed on the car and stomped on the windshield. They were about to take off, so she got off the Camaro. She made another attempt to open the door and ended up hitting the pavement as the car peeled off.

Police pursued the car and the suspects ended up ditching the car and fleeing on foot. But the po-po arrested them.

People are saying that the mother should not have gone after the suspects. Particularly considering she’s a mother and has a child at home. But she said she’s fed up:

“I’m tired of it. Our society needs to stand up and say this is not right, we’re not going to put up with it, you will be punished.”

Such is viral video these days that her sons saw what their mother had done before she even told them.

But her sons were not surprised, given that Lawless is known to always take action, calling 911 or stopping to help, if she sees a car accident or someone in need.

“My kids are not surprised,” Lawless said. “They know mom is going to do something, that mom is going to help.”

Here in DC, the police always tell us to basically roll over and play dead like possums when confronted with any criminal activity. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to fighting crime, but I still commend this woman for trusting her instincts and attempting to thwart the bad guys.

It does take a village to raise children, particularly when the parents have struggled in their efforts. I’m glad that some people are out there working to instill some values in young men who need some help.

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