Teacher Steals Facebook Baby Photos, Fools Ex Into Believing He’s The Father

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Here’s your totally disturbing news story of the day: A 23-year-old British schoolteacher named Victoria Jones was peeved at her boyfriend, Daniel Barberini, for ending their 16-month relationship. So she decided to get back at him. Rather than making him jealous by, you know, posting Facebook pics of her hot new beau (or whatever it is that kids do these days), she embellished an elaborate tale. It allegedly involved telling Barberini, 26, that she was pregnant with his children and had given birth to twins, but that their son was born with Down’s Syndrome and had died. Oh, and that she and her daughter had left Britain to live in Australia.

Wait, it gets worse! Jones saw photos of a former school friend’s daughter on Facebook and decided to claim them as her own. So, without permission, she shared the photos with Barberini and tricked him into believing the girl was his for a whopping 18 months (!). She even claimed to have given birth to the twins in New York, and she says she named them Keira and Harrison, according to The Telegraph.

Honestly, I’d laugh at this story if it wasn’t so dark and disturbing. The whole thing is straight out of a made-for-TV movie (the kind you wouldn’t believe because you’d have to think, Wait, wouldn’t this dude have figured something fishy was going?). Actually, Barberini only discovered the child wasn’t his own when he proudly showed one of the baby pictures to a friend, who knew the child’s real mother (can you imagine that precise moment? I’m telling you – after-school special!).

Jones is undergoing a disciplinary hearing and the big question is whether or not she can keep her job as a teacher at Ringland Primary School. What she did to her ex is not illegal, it turns out, but does that mean she’s fit to be a teacher?

According to The Telegraph, disciplinary committee officer Haydn Llewellyn had this to say:

“You took various photos of the baby from her mother’s account on Facebook without the agreement of her parents. You provided them to your ex-partner and told him you were the baby’s mother and he was the father. As a consequence, you compromised your professional status and credibility. You compromised your position of trust within the school and brought Ringland Primary School and the council into disrepute. These facts constitute unacceptable professional conduct, meaning conduct which falls short of a registered teacher.”

Understandably, a whole lot of parents are now concerned about the mental stability of their children’s teacher. Head teacher Lisa Bowden told The Telegraph, “They said they had totally lost trust in that member of staff and in the school.” Some threatened to remove their children from the school while others saw her actions as a “silly mistake.”

If it was me, personally, I’d be very concerned. Sure, all of this happened outside the school, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jones has some serious judgement issues. What do you think? Would you trust her to care for your children after a stunt like this?