Um, Excuse Me Tarpon Springs, But You Currently Have A Giant Rape Culture Problem On Your Hands

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And when they are not Tweeting their support for an alleged rapist, they are pretty much hating cops and their family members.

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This is just my advice, so make of it what you will, but if you are a parent of a teen who attends Tarpon High, you may want to have a little chat with them about how EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can see what they are doing. A lot of these kids are free and easy with their full names, cell phone numbers, where they work, how much they drink, how high they are, and who they are currently having sex with. You might want to carefully explain to them that underage drinking is illegal. And you may want to give them a very long lecture all about how a drunk girl can’t give consent to having sex with a boy, no matter who his father is, and not matter how cute he is.

If you are one of these teens posting this bullshit, I know you think you are super adorable with your frosted highlights and your excessive sun tanning, but you should know that one out of every six women is a victim of sexual assault. This could be your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your daughter, your friend. You. Before you take to the internets to bitch about your homework schedule and how much your parents suck between calling a 15-year-old girl a “whore” you may want to remember this could be happening to someone you care about. Or yourself.

Granted, we don’t know what exactly happened in this case because the investigation has just started. I am leaning towards believing this victim because girls rarely lie about rape and because of the information I received from her relative. But until we know more, every aspect of this Tarpon Springs rape case is alleged, except for the fact that the kids posting on social media using the #FreeJared hashtag (and there is another hash, but it identifies the underage girl in the case, so I won’t repeat it here) have parents who have no idea what the hell their teens are up to. Consider this your wakeup call.

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