The Latest Target Boycott Means Bigot-Free Shopping for the Rest of Us


The bigots of the world have declared their intent to boycott Target this holiday season, and as a good, hard-working agent of the liberal agenda, that’s making me feel a whole lot better about my plan to wake up early on Black Friday and go spend all my liberal dollars on Lego Star Wars kits and Leslie Odom Jr.’s Christmas album.

Target first earned itself a reputation for being “one of the top corporate supporters of the liberal, LGBT agenda” by removing gender markers from its toy aisles so that instead of “girl toy” aisles and “boy toy” aisles, there are just doll aisles, truck aisles, Lego aisles, and other descriptors that are actually useful for finding things you might want to buy.

And then in April Target announced that its customers and employees would be allowed to “use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” and bigots completely lost their minds about it.

Back in April the American Family Association started a boycott on the completely misguided grounds that allowing people to use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identities undermined freedom of religion and opened women and girls up to threat of sexual assault, even though that has never actually happened and sexual predators do not get access to their victims by dressing in drag and going into the bathrooms of big-box retailers.

Now another conservative group called 2ndVote has joined in with its own Target boycott for the holidays and is encouraging supporters to shop “anywhere but Target.” They might be a bit late to the party with their boycott, but at least they came up with a better hashtag, #AnywhereButTARGET.

#AnywherebutTarget is trending on Twitter, but 2ndVote’s shiny new boycott has already been hijacked by people thanking Target for promoting inclusivity and talking about all the stuff they want to buy there.



One other place being boycotted is Penzey’s Spices, which is great if you know some progressive gourmands who would like to get some top-quality spice blends for baking or grilling this season. There’s also Starbucks, and American Girl, and Hamilton the musical. Between all that and the promise of more elbow room in the bigot-less aisles of Target this week, it’s starting to sound like the makings of a pretty swell holiday.

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