Big Brother Saves the Day After By Pranking Thief Who Took His Sister’s Phone

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I have two big sisters and a little brother, and honestly, they’ve never done anything this cool. An Imgur user uploaded a hilarious text exchange between himself and the thief who stole his sister’s iPhone, and in the process, wins all the Best Big Brother awards today. This stolen phone prank is seriously THE BEST.

It all started with a strange text from his sister’s missing phone.

sister stolen phone prank

Image: Imgur/thelowflyingowl

Imgur user Lowflyingowl writes, “My little sister who is going to be a senior worked hard all summer to buy an iPhone, only to have it stolen (or fall out, she is still not entirely sure) out of her boyfriends car a week ago. She had not activated the find my iphone app so we reported it stolen but were pretty sure someone was just being gifted a free iphone courtesy of my sister’s summer wages. On top of that, she had also bought a wallet case and lost all her ID’s and cards as well.”

The brother knew almost immediately that it wasn’t his sister texting him, and that’s when he kicked his plan into gear.

stolen phone prank

Image: Imgur/lowflyingowl

“We had to take the you know what and dig a hole 3 times as deep as we had planned”

The thief was probably like, what the actual hell? And then it gets better.

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