STFU Parents: The Joys Of Motherhood

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Like any job, motherhood has its share of ups and downs. But unlike most corporate jobs – or any job with a boss, really – motherhood is the one that women are supposed to cherish and give gratitude for on a daily basis. While it’s normal for overworked executives or assistants to say, “Ugh, I hate my job today!”, mothers tend to do the opposite. Rather than curse their frustrations, some moms feel the urge to feign joy, whether to be funny or out of guilt. After all, it’s wrong to despise your job if your job is looking after your baby…isn’t it? (Real answer: no.) Well, according to some moms on Facebook it is.

And that’s where the expression “The Joys of Motherhood” comes into play. Those four little words creep into more status updates written by moms than I can count. Women cling to them as a humorous way to offset just about any complaint imaginable. Kids screaming on an airplane? The joys of motherhood! Baby experienced a blowout during church? The joys of motherhood! It’s another way of saying, “You don’t know until you’re a mom!”, but with less ‘tude, and using the expression to punctuate a status update allows mothers to vent about practically anything. See what I mean:

Ah, yes. The joys that come with….that.
Does anyone actually believe Michelle is just kidding? Didn’t think so. And that’s okay! Whoever said children pooping in the bath is a fun adventure was lying.
Not the thumb nail!!! Anything but that. You know what they say: A mother’s work, and nails, are never done.
The joys of motherhood involve a trifecta of fluids, none of which are joyful. And speaking of smells…
Ask any mom and she’ll tell you: Luck’s got nothing to do with it.
And ultimately, neither does joy.