10 People Ruining Perfectly Good Someecards With Anti-Vax BS

If you’ve never been on the Internet before, just know that it is a wild, weird place. I guess it’s reflective of the world at large. Online, it’s hard to separate the bad from the good. There is the wonderful freedom to express any opinion you wish””no matter how strange, absurd, or just plain wrong it is. There is also the vast amount of reliable, well-researched text available in the age of information. I can find out almost anything I want to know in seconds, as well as quite a few things I wish I could un-see.

Even an innocent site like Pinterest isn’t free from the Internet crazies. I was just browsing along when I found these “gems,” a.k.a. super-aggressive e-cards that continue to support anti-vaccination propaganda. I can only assume that Jenny McCarthy is very busy defending her poor Twitter reputation, so she probably wasn’t responsible for this pile of BS. My next best guess would be that it is the work of Kristin Cavallari’s assistant or the rest of the anti-vax brigade with a lot of time to kill.

These ridiculous e-cards are something you have to see to believe. Maybe you are like me, and you give the rest of the world the benefit of the doubt. If that’s the case, your jaw is definitely going to drop when you read the nonsense that is being spewed via cute e-card on social media to support the anti-vax movement.

1. Sorry, Doc, you may have gone to med school, but you’re still a dummy.

vax12. Like diamonds, vaccinations are forever”¦

vax23. Anyone who vaccinates deserves a roundhouse kick to the face.

vax34. See, Dad, I use the Internet too!

vax45. Yes, watching your baby get shots is way tougher than watching him die of disease.

vax56. All the kids are doing it!

vax67. Hooray, anecdotes are better than science!

vax78. Maybe it’s the other way around.

vax89. When in doubt, ask a baby.

vax910. And the number one anti-vax argument”¦ If it doesn’t affect my kids, it doesn’t matter.


BONUS: It’s totes up to you if you want to fight fire with fire because it’s an uphill battle in the vaccination war. But if you just can’t take it anymore, post this response to social media:


(Image: Pinterest; someecards)

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