STFU Parents: The Various Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant On Facebook, Part II

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3. Explosive Sex Reveal Announcement

3. it's a boy_screensaver_85.jpg



When I first saw this picture, I was struck by the excitement and confetti, thinking, “Who doesn’t like a little confetti?” But after really looking at it, I noticed some other things, too. Like, I assume this photo is from the couple’s “sex reveal party,” which elicits an eye-roll or three, and I guess they hung up sonogram bunting, as one does, to celebrate. Then they gave their friends confetti to throw on them when the sex was revealed, and then they used the picture someone took of that moment and turned it into the Facebook sex reveal announcement. From start to finish, it’s a several-stage process.

But if you want to get technical, could this couple have feasibly thrown together this party, had this photo taken, and edited the photo for Facebook all in the space of about 10-15 minutes? Sure. I’m not judging the amount of time this took so much as acknowledging that this is how overtly excited we all get about ourselves, in public, in 2014. Yay, us! Any excuse to throw ourselves a pre-baby shower shower, right? Also, does anyone else think the font and color choices for ‘It’s a boy!’ kinda looks like one of those old school screensavers? It’s a minor stylistic decision that I can’t stand behind.

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