We At Mommyish Are Happy To Introduce You To The Creator of STFU, Parents!

STFU ParentsWe at Mommyish have been keeping a secret. It’s a big secret, one that’s been going for years. But today, the world is learning all about it. Everyone’s finding out just who is the infamous “B,” the woman behind one of our favorite blogs, STFU, Parents.

“B” has been a regular contributor to the Mommyish site since the spring of 2011. She is our weekly reminder to lighten up, not take ourselves too seriously, and to mind the social etiquette of social media. I also feel really blessed and honored to say that she is a friend of mine.

I think plenty of regular readers of STFU, Parents feel like they know “B” already. So maybe this whole introduction thing won’t even feel like that big of a deal.

This spring, “B” will release a book inspired by STFU, Parents, which you can pre-order on Amazon now. And if you look at the bottom of that picture, you’ll see that “B” is none other than Blair Koenig.

You can stop calling her “B” now, guys. Her name is Blair! I bet she would even answer to Ms. Koenig.

Wait! There’s more. You don’t just get the name, you also get a face. So you can stop Google Image searching guys.

Blair headed to The Ricki Lake Show to talk about her blog, her book, and just why she decided to introduce herself to the world. She talked about different types of STFU submissions, which those of us here should be pretty familiar with. There’s the gross out potty humor, the ever-present mommyjacking, and my personal favorite, the eye twitch inducing Sanctimommy.

I think I can speak for all of Mommyish when I was say, welcome to the light Blair! We’re excited to be able to call you by your first name. We’re thrilled about the book! And we’re thankful to have you here to keep us honest and to keep us giggling. STFU, Parents has never been about being mean to moms or to children. It’s a chance for us all to nod and chuckle in knowing acknowledgement that motherhood can make for horrible oversharing. We’re glad we have such a thoughtful and funny lady to point it out for us.

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