Son Who Stole Yacht Reported By His Own Mother

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A few months ago we saw this amazing video of a mother explaining why she turned in her own daughter — the London Olympics Ambassador, no less, for rioting in the U.K.

Now, U.K. student Oliver Sloley, who stole his family’s yacht and had to be rescued when he got in dangerous waters, was just jailed for nine months. His own mother, Annabel Sloley, turned him in.

The mother said her decision to turn him in was “horrible” and “absolute hell” but that she had to do what was right:

“It’s not even the fact it was my boat, it was the fact the lifeboat crew got involved and spent three hours searching for them when they should be saving people’s lives who have got in difficulty through no fault of their own.”

Way to have a sense of priorities when dealing with your own son, Mother Sloley.

So how are relations between the two? Surprisingly good:

Asked about her relationship with her son, she added: “We are fine about it. It’s been dragging on for 14 months so we’ve got used to it. We will be fine. He has accepted he was in the wrong and that’s it as far as we’re concerned. I told him ‘sorry mate, but I’m going to have to report this’. He accepted it, what else could he do?”

Sounds like Oliver could use a remedial course in decision making, though. When the boat was rescued, two stolen outboards and two stolen fuel tanks were also on it. He also admitted to stealing checks from his mum and dining and ditching from four pubs in Cornwall.

Seriously, dude. Get it together.

And yes, my mom is on record as saying she’d turn my bum in the moment I did anything wrong.