Dreams Really Do Come True, Watch As Snow White Reunites Little Girl With Marine Dad

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Snow White Reunites Girl With Marine DadGrab your Kleenex! Alyssa Brown visited Snow White’s Wishing Well at California’s Disneyland theme park, and the 4-year-old “wished with all her heart ” that her daddy who had been serving in Afghanistan would come home. The little girl and her 14-month-old baby brother has been giving hugs to a “deployment doll” with a photo of their dad’s face on it to comfort them while he has been away.

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I love how grandma is in the background with the tissues ready! And little Liam looks all hesitant because he was less than a year old when his dad went away.

According to KTLA Alyssa already has another wish planned:

The Browns are happy their surprise worked. They now say Alyssa tells them she would like to wish for a puppy.

I have so much sympathy for military families where one of the parents is deployed and the other parent is left at home to not only deal with all of the day to day realities of single parenting, but coupled with the fear and loneliness of having your spouse far away. I wish Snow White could reunite all the families and make all of these wishes come true and okay I have to go cry now BRB.

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