This Is Really, Really Bad: Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement From SCOTUS

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Elections have consequences, and today, we were dealt what could very well be the most severe of them all. Despite the many, MANY warnings that Trump’s election would have ramifications for years to come, 60 some-odd million fucks voted for him anyway. And now, we’re seeing the lasting implications of those votes (or non-votes, or protest votes). In a stunning move, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court today, effective July 31. This means that Trump will appoint a second justice to SCOTUS, effectively guaranteeing a conservative slant for generations to come.

Kennedy was considered something of a liberal moderate on SCOTUS, voting in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, abortion access, and affirmative action.

His exit changes all of that. Trump will absolutely appoint a staunch conservative to fill his seat, changing the dynamic of the court. Instead of there being a moderate swing, the court will hold a conservative majority at 5-4. It’s hard to overstate how incredibly bad this will be. Without a moderate (even one who voted conservative on some cases), hot-button issues are very much on the chopping block. And let’s remember: SCOTUS appointments are for life. If Trump appoints a fairly young justice (which he will), they will be around for a very long time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 fucking years old. The odds of her sticking around until 2020 are … not great. He could very well get another appointment.

Reproductive rights. LGBTQ+ rights. Affirmative action. Unions. Money in politics. This is not a drill. All of this shit is on the line and now in the hands of a bunch of fucks who could care less about the people. We tried to tell you! SHE TRIED TO TELL YOU.

I don’t even know anymore, guys. It’s just all bad. So bad. But this? This is the worst of it. This administration has ruined lives, literally. But now they have the power to profoundly and negatively change the lives of our kids, and their kids, and even their kids. I have two girls who will very likely grow up in a country where they have no reproductive freedom. Fuck baking a cake, gay couples won’t need cakes when their right to marry is stripped away. So much is at stake. Environmental protections, gun control, voting rights, immigration. I need a fucking drink.

Just like that fuck McConnell blocked Merrick Garland before the election, there’s a chance Dems can take back the Senate in midterms and block the nominee. But let’s not think for a second they’re going to try and ram one through before then. Neil Gorsuch sits in a stolen seat on the court, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t have high hopes for Kennedy’s vacancy.

This is what we warned everyone about. And now it’s here. Blessed be the fruit, y’all. Shit just got really, really bad.

(Image: The Handmaid’s Tale)