Fertility Doctor Who Gave Childhood Rape Survivor Free IVF Should Be Canonized

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rape survivorJennifer Schuett is going to have quite the story to impart to her little girl one day.

In 1990, the then 8-year-old was abducted from her bedroom, raped, and left for a dead. Although she was bravely able to overcome the physical consequences of her sexual assault, her rapist managed to take something else from her too: her ability to birth children. The little girl reportedly caught an infection from her rape, resulting in one of her fallopian tubes being blocked. Until some miracle fertility specialist came along and offered both she and her fiancé pricey IVF for free.

Call the Catholic Church because we have an undocumented saint on earth.

Young Jennifer thought she was going to die after being raped in a field and having her throat cut. She was reportedly discovered by children playing hide and go seek and was rushed to the ER. Doctors were certain that the rape survivor would never even talk again. But not only did the resilient kid retain use of her vocal cords, she also wrote detailed descriptions to the police regarding her attacker’s name and description. Nineteen years later, Dennis Earl Bradford — a father himself — was arrested and confessed to Jennifer’s rape. He later hung himself.

As an only child, Jennifer says on TODAY that she always wanted a big family — a wish that was compromised not only by her assault, but furthermore by the very weighty price tag of treatments. That’s when Dr. Craig Witz, a fertility specialist in Houston, offered Jennifer and her fiancé IVF for the very appealing price of free!

Dr. Witz went speechless with tears when asked if Jennifer’s story “really touched him.”

Jennifer is expecting her first child, a daughter, this November. “Miracle baby” doesn’t even begin.

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