Purchased A Black Market Baby? Your Child Probably Has Lots Of Siblings

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This may come as a shock to lots of people, but it seems that the people who traffic in selling children on the black market aren’t exactly scrupulous or discriminating about how they produce said kids. The New York Post has this sobering investigation:

“I have been informed by the surrogates I interviewed that each time they went for [an embryo] transfer, they all received embryos from the same batch, so that presumably, they were carrying the brothers and sisters of each other,” Andy Vorzimer, a reproductive-law specialist from Los Angeles, told The Post.

“It’s just another disturbing development” in an already twisted case, said Vorzimer, who represents three surrogates who churned out babies for up to $180,000 a pop.

“If this was a movie of the week, no one would believe it . . . For each group of [surrogates] that traveled to the Ukraine at the same time — and they did travel in groups — allegedly the embryos that were transferred into them were from the same egg donor and sperm donor, making any resulting children full [siblings].”

This report comes is an outgrowth of a larger and fascinating story about how New York Socialite Taylor Stein helped bring down a baby trafficking ring, after she attempted to purchase a 5 month-old for $180,000 and then realized that there was something hinky about what what was going on and contacted the feds.

But here’s where it gets really disturbing — the fact that the illegal baby peddlers were using the same surrogates and sperm donors wasn’t just an issue of convenience, notes the Post. The real reason was that the child traffickers were trying to create “‘designer babies’ — all white and geared to be the most ‘marketable,’ with fair hair and light eyes — over six years, selling them for at least $100,000, officials say.” Oy. Human trafficking meets eugenics meets organized crime. This story pretty much has all the worst aspects of human nature rolled into one.