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Couple Announces That They’re Expecting ‘Twin’ Boys Three Weeks Apart

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(Instagram / Toby Fleischman)

Can you imagine being pregnant at the same time as your partner? Well, that’s what one couple in Los Angeles are doing, and both mamas are perfectly psyched for it.

Toby Fleischman and Lindsay Lanciault have been married for 3 years and the pair are now taking on the next journey in their lives together: motherhood. The pair recently took to Instagram to announce their dual pregnancy, and it is way too cute not to share.

The couple’s journey toward pregnancy was anything but simple. Toby’s first pregnancy back in 2015 via donor resulted in a miscarriage. Lindsay and Toby pushed forward though, with lots of encouragement from their acupuncturist and friend, Danica Thornberry,

“She really pushed us to use the time we had while trying to conceive to work on ourselves, to work on our marriage, and to see the ways in which we were already practicing skills we would use as a parent,” Toby told Babble.

Fortunately, the two discovered they were both pregnant late last year, and just 3 weeks apart. So what is that like exactly, you might ask? The pair joked with Babble that there are plenty of hormones rampant in their household (not hard to imagine, right mommas?) And while Lindsay’s morning sickness didn’t start until after Toby’s ended, the two are finally in sync again, able to polish off whatever carbs might come their way.

“We’re excited to share some news…Lindsay and I are both pregnant!,” the mom-to-be shared on Instagram. “Yes, you read that correctly. We are both having a baby….at the same time. Well, three weeks apart to be exact. Everyone always says they want to get pregnant with their best friend and I just happened to be lucky enough to be married to mine. Our ‘twin’ boys will be joining us this summer and we couldn’t be more elated!”


Instagram / tobyfleischman

Some gals joke about being pregnant with their best friend, but this couple is actually living the dream.