10 WTF Pregnancy Stock Photos That Will Never Make Sense

Part of my fantabulous job here at Mommyish is to search for relevant images and GIFs to use with each post. Most of the time, picking appropriate images is a no-brainer. But sometimes I come across some of the craziest stock photo shiz that makes me wonder what the PROFESSIONAL photographer was thinking.

I just don’t get it. Maybe you can clue me in. Maybe if we all put our heads together, we can figure them out. You’re welcome, Getty:

1. You just gave birth to a baby, but””oops!””it’s a pineapple! Sucks to be you!


There is so much about this picture that I just don’t understand.

2. Just”¦hold me.


This picture frightens me because it really, really looks like a hairy pregnant belly. I know pregnancy hormones can be a bitch, but I had to take a second, third, and fourth look to figure it out.

3. I’m a pregnant Texas Chainsaw Massacre lumberjack, and I’m sure we can all relate.


I just don’t get it! Help meeee!

4. No one wants to see your stupid pregnant face.


I would really love to know the photographer’s motivation on this one. But who am I to question art”¦?

5. I’m a zany pregnant lady””look at me!


This reminds me of me in middle school in the 90s, minus the ginormous pregnant belly.

6. My pregnant mug shot, oh my.


It looks like this is supposed to imply that she’s a pregnant hooker? I still can’t wrap my mind around the awesomeness that is preggo “Coco Vega.”

7. Pregnancy made me lose my fashion sense, and my waistline.


Pregnant ladies can wear whatever they damn well please, but so much of this picture just screams awkward to me. And good luck on balancing well enough to ride that bike.

8. Duh, I’m the pregnant ball and chain.


This picture is supposed to exemplify “relationship problems,” but the look on the pregnant wife’s face just makes me uncomfortable.

9. I’m a pregnant vampire.


I guess this answers the question of where baby vampires come from.

10. Just what my baby needs, an erotic pregnant waterfall.


I saved the best for last because this one is truly puzzling. Is this the cover of an erotic novel? Is it a man-made waterfall? Why is this baby daddy whipping his hair back and forth above a pregnant belly? The world may never know.

(photo: Getty Images)

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