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Broke Parents-To-Be Don’t Want To Hear About Your Stupid Babymoon

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bikiniSo many things going on on the Facebook these days, especially now that my 30-something friends are all having babies. So instead of seeing rando drunk Facebook posts on the feed at two in the morning, I’m seeing babies, weddings, babies, and did I say babies?

Before the baby comes the babymoon, or at least that’s what reality TV stars would like you to believe. But wait—if you read any mom-friendly parenting website, you’ll quickly discover that babymoons are a thing. A babymoon is a thing you’re supposed to do, a rite of passage, a trip you must take before you pop out your baby, or it will come out with horns. Just kidding. But maybe you should take one just to be on the safe side.

On my Facebook feed, I’ve seen a few posts tagged with #babymoon nonsense. This makes me feel one of two ways. 1.) Oooh fun! Just the thing you need before your life is forever changed by a screaming baby. Jamaica, anyone? 2.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but most parents I know are strapped for cash preparing to buy a crib, diapers, and formula for a kid. I seriously doubt babymoons are on the agenda for the general population.

Full disclosure, my husband and I took a few kid-free trips while I was pregnant with both of my sons. I guess those could have been considered #babymoons, but I certainly wasn’t bragging on my Facebook feed about how me and my bump were living it up.

My husband and I make a comfortable income, so scheduled vacations are something we budget for to save our sanity. But they are still a luxury, and I totally get the fact that many parents can’t afford a getaway.

Every time I see the #babymoon phenomenon clogging up my newsfeed, all I can think of is how much a broke parent struggling to work full time and still pay for daycare would want to throttle the glowing pregnant lady sipping orange juice on the beach. Babymoons seem like a great idea in an alternate universe with unlimited funds, but for the rest of the real world parents out there, let’s keep bragging to a minimum.

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