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Parents Envy Their Nanny — But Only In The Summer Time

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Summer is coming which means that you will probably have to scramble to find some kind of childcare what with school no longer being in session. A study by reveals that of parents surveyed, 58%  feel “very envious” towards hired help during the summer months. Seeing other people escort their kiddies to the swimming pool and engage in outdoor play would understandably be hurtful to a lot of parents, but I’m wondering what might happen to those numbers once winter hits. Is it merely the sunshine that makes parents feel guilty about handing their kids over to someone else?

Wendy Saches, editor in chief of, had this to say in a statement about the findings from her own experiences as a mother:

I am not at all surprised by the findings…When my nanny texts me that she’s at the pool with my kids eating ice cream and I am at work, I’ve felt envious.  You want your nanny to be enthusiastic about playing outdoors and going to the pool, but parents want to be there too.  After all, it’s summer.

According to, 47% of parents alter their work schedules to accommodate the schedules of their children. This includes activities, summer camps, and educational programs.’s findings also reveal that 66% of parents say that they have “higher expectations” for babysitters and nannys in the summer, expecting them to organize more outdoor play and outings. Could it also be the envy that accounts for those higher expectations?

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