Protective Services Takes 8-Year-Old From Mom Who Injected Botox Into Her

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In the least shocking news of the day, “Botox Mom” Kerry Campbell has had her daughter taken by San Francisco family services. It’s one thing to think that botox should be injected by you, a part-time aesthetician. Into an 8-year-old child. So that, you know, she can win beauty pageants.

But it takes an altogether different kind of illness to think one should brag about doing just these things on national television. When Kerry Campbell did that last week on Good Morning America, explaining that her daughter was too wrinkly for the beauty pageant circuit, San Francisco began investigating.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Human Services Agency began investigating in response to a flood of callers after that show aired.

Campbell first spilled the beans about her child medical malpractice to British tabloid the Sun, last March. That newspaper published photographs of her injecting the Botox and she repeated the demonstration on the Good Morning America show last week.

Campbell claims that the Botox injections are common in children’s beauty pageants. But pageant officials say that’s preposterous.

It’s probably worse for the child’s mental health than physical health. What a horrible message to send to a little girl about beauty.

Having said all this, I am not altogether certain that the child needed to be removed from parental custody (that can be so utterly traumatic for a child) so much as that the family needs counseling. What do you think?