10 Amazing Overachieving Kids of 2013

I know the title of this post seems kinda snarky, but 2013 was honestly a great year for incredibly talented and smart children. There were so many kids that made funny videos, played amazing music, invented cool stuff, recited incredible facts and just generally impressed all of us who only really achieved once we grew up. Take a look at 10 of the smartest, cutest, and most impressive overachievers of the year (including the royal baby, who is the only sortakinda fake achiever I included on this list)

HRH Prince George Of Cambridge Is Christened At St James' Palace

1. The Royal Baby, Prince George: This kid basically won the lottery by the simple fact of being born. His personality and talents remain to be seen, of course, but he’s the child of the breathlessly perfect Prince William and Kate Middleton, so I’m betting he’ll have good looks, smarts and hopefully at least a tiny bit of humility.

2. Alexander Weiss from MasterChef Junior: Um, did you see this crazy amazing 13-year-old on the show? I want him to cook for me. Forever.

[youtube_iframe id=”eX0Iy93nqKs”]

3. Trick Shot Titus: This tiny child and his basketball skills are astounding. Jimmy Kimmel agrees. Let’s just hope he never plays for Duke when he grows up.

4. Nikolas Toocheck: This now ten-year-old boy ran a marathon in Antarctica earlier this year. He plans to run a marathon on each of the seven continents in order to raise money for an organization that gives winter coats to kids in need.

[youtube_iframe id=”urc-ynhM5Q8″]

5. Ryan Wang: This five-year-old piano prodigy is amazing. Simply amazing, right? Get a tissue before you watch the video above.

6. Gabrielle Turnquest: Ok, technically Gabrielle is an adult, but she’s still an 18-year-old who passed the bar and became a lawyer. She’s the youngest lawyer ever. Of all time. So I’m keeping her on this list.

7. Peyton Robertson: This 11-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale was inspired by Hurricane Sandy to create a new type of sandbag that’s lighter and easier to transport during natural disasters. He was awarded the title of “America’s 2013 Top Young Scientist” when he won the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for his invention. Go Peyton!

[youtube_iframe id=”-6MkTAG6qbI”]

8. Marshall Kimber: This little guy is the most adorable solar system expert the world has ever seen. Of course, Ellen DeGeneres is all over that cuteness.

[youtube_iframe id=”hNr4GCNIAsg”]

9. Aanav Jayakar: An 18-month-old who knows more about geography than you do. No, seriously.

10. Paloma Noyola: Wired magazine calls this 12-year-old girl from Mexico “the next Steve Jobs.” She’s incredible at math and scored the highest in all of Mexico on the equivalent of the Mexican SATs.

Photo: Getty Images

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