Object Of My Affection: Safari Picnic Table For Al Fresco Dining

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This past weekend I attended a baby- and toddler-infested barbecue, where I spent three hours preventing major catastrophes (like the 1-year-old who kept brushing up against the piping hot ‘cue). As the mom of a so-far mostly angelic six-month-old, I haven’t yet suffered the slings and arrows of children who can move or complain about how asparagus is stringy, which is perhaps why my inquiry: “Can’t you just hang them on a hook somewhere?” was met with, ‘Oh you just wait and see’ type of knowing looks. So I figure if you can’t, in fact, hang them on a hook (why didn’t they tell me that in What to Expect When You’re Expecting?!) you can at least give the little animals their own animal dining set.

This al fresco season, groovy children’s furnishings line P’kolino’s Safari Collection includes this cute table and chair combo for toddlers, which makes a perfect mini-me picnic locale. The colorful animal silhouettes will convince them that yes, sitting over there truly is better. The table comes with giraffe and zebra chairs, but if your little monsters invite other little monsters over to play (they multiply! I’ve seen it happen!), you can pick up extra duck and ostrich versions, too.