Children’s Nurse Maturely Handles Differing Opinion By Calling A Mom ‘Loser’ Via Note

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Nothing gets a heated debate started at Mommyish more than bringing up immunizations. It’s just ones of those hot button issues that everyone seems to have a strong opinion about. I’ve made my opinion clear a number of times, I think immunizations are important, but I also think it’s important to respect a parent’s right to make that choice for their child. (*Clarification – respect doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t disagree or even judge; I think it’s important to discuss this subject in a respectful way ie: no name calling or abuse). Apparently a nurse at one hospital doesn’t have the same respect, and the note she left about a patient is simply baffling. Yay professionalism!

Katie Smart, a young mother from South Carolina found a nasty surprise in her 9-month-old son’s room at Palmetto Health children’s Hospital. She was there with her son to deal with a high fever, which is indicated on the note, but that’s not the only thing the nurse wrote down. She also wrote the word “Loser!” with a (poorly drawn, in my opinion) frowny face. So mature!

As I mentioned before, I don’t personally agree with Smart’s decision not to vaccinate, but that is besides the point. The choice is between her, her husband and her pediatrician. One might argue that as a healthcare professional, the nurse has a right to an opinion as well, but voicing that opinion through an elementary-level note is NOT the way to go about it. What is she, 10?

The hospital was quick to try to put this fire out. COO James Lantham claims that their hospital has a “core value of dignity.” Because calling a parent a loser via note rather than discuss an important medical issue is SO dignified. Thankfully the nurse in question has been reprimanded and is currently on suspension. While I don’t think she should lose her job, I do hope that the hospital sends this her to sensitivity training, because her bedside manner sucks.

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