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Parents Of Indigo Children Are Teaching Them They’re So Special They Can Speak To The Dead

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indigo child bookThe trend of diagnosing kids as being “indigo children” arose in the seventies as a response to increasing rates of ADHD and ADD. Indigo children are apparently those who are confident, who know they’re special, who don’t like authority, and who want their needs met immediately (also know as literally every small child ever). But now the trend has gone beyond merely ‘really annoying’, because some indigo parents aren’t content with just having confident, rule-hating, difficult-to-discipline children. They’re also ascribing supernatural abilities to these super-special snowflakes.

The local Fox station in St. Louis, Missouri, breathlessly reported on the existence of these amazing indigo-auric angels among us, by interviewing several people who claim they can, in no particular order:

WHAT. Be sure to check out the the video on the news piece; and if you do watch it, please enjoy the production values that went into someone sticking an angel doll to a stick and filming it ‘flying’ against a video-screen background.

I understand the desire to have a ‘special’ or ‘unique’ kid (or to be one!), and sure, ADD and ADHD may be over-diagnosed, but no. The solution is not to tell a child that their unwillingness to sit still for an entire episode of Arthur indicates a connection to a supernatural realm. And you really, really cannot tell your children that they are the main character from The Sixth Sense and think that’s okay. When you’re teaching your child he or she has free rein to go prey on vulnerable people by talking to their lost loved ones or telling their future, you are way past ‘my kid is special’ and well into ‘my kid’s worldview is now permanently warped by my parenting decisions’. Tell your kids they’re unique as much as you want, but maybe cut your message off somewhere before they think they’re entitled to speak for the dead.

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