This Swastika Ring Is The Worst Prize To Come Out Of A Toy Vending Machine, And That’s Saying Something

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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 17.02.19Toy vending machines are a lot of fun. They’re like gambling for kids. You put in a quarter, and something will come out. It might be a Super Ball, or a sticker, or–if you’re really lucky–a temporary tattoo. Or it could be a big gold Nazi ring, like this 4-year-old won in Oklahoma.

Leona Kelley of Tulsa said her 4-year-old son bought four things from a vending machine at the Family Dollar. The first three prizes were toy dinosaurs or something innocuous like that, but on the fourth try the boy caught a big, gold, plastic Nazi ring with a swastika on it.

“What the F— is this!?” Kelley says she said when she saw it, which, as WTFark points out, is a completely reasonable reaction to getting Nazi propaganda from a toy vending machine.

“Why is this here?” Kelly said. That’s a good question, which should go in the pile of questions along with, “Who made this?” “Why did someone make this?” “Who is the intended audience for this?” and “Why is the vending machine at the Family Dollar stuffed with Nazi rings?”

Because apparently the ring is not a one-off mistake. Apparently there were about 10-15 other rings just like it mixed in with the plastic dinosaurs and other toys in the machine. The Family Dollar said the vending machines were provided and staffed by an outside company, but that company refused to comment on how their vending machine came to be stuffed with Nazi rings.

Between the Nazi ring, the “Evil Stick” princess wand, and the shrieking giraffe of the damned, I’m starting to be legitimately concerned that America’s dollar stores are Hellmouths poised to bring demon toys to children just in time for Christmas.

Photo: WTFark!