Rage Against The Minivan: My Family And I Failed To Accomplish Anything This Summer

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The kids are back in school and instead of being happy about the time to work and get things done and not be distracted, I’m feeling regret. Not that summer’s over, necessarily. I’m always ready for back-to-school.

The regret is because I feel like I failed at summer. It seems like I always start each summer with a Big Plan. And I always fail to follow it through. Every summer begins with goals. Every summer ends with me wondering where the time went, and wondering how in the world we never got to all the great things I wanted to do.

For instance, here were a few of my goals for the summer of 2014…


Summer goal! Learn to sew with my oldest daughter. She’s gotten into vintage dresses and fabric patterns and wouldn’t it be so great if we took a sewing class together? This summer, we’re going to make all these cute, simple dresses!

Actual result: No sewing. No classes. No dresses. Maybe I pulled out a needle, once. But that was because someone had a splinter.


Summer goal! Focus on math. One of my kids has been struggling with math, especially math facts. We were going to spend the summer working with flash cards and solidifying all those multiplication and division tables. It’s just memorization. We have plenty of time. This summer, we’re gonna math it up!

Actual result: We reviewed all those facts and flashcards a total of—wait, let me do the math—THREE times.

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