Mommyish Presents: Disney Princesses We Can Get Behind

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Mommyish Disney PrincessesThe narratives of Disney Princesses can have a pretty big impact on girls, in which being pretty and grabbing up a prince often take precedence over anything else. Provided that moms and dads are willing to provide some critcisms to that happily ever after storyline, princess play can inarguably be harmless and fun. But considering that Disney unfortunately talks louder than most parents can, watching your daughter model herself after docile women like Sleeping Beauty can be a bit concerning.

After evaluating the story lines of the six original Disney Princesses, we decided that all they needed was some recognition for accomplishments, education, ambition, and hobbies to flesh the Princesses into real role models worthy of your daughter’s admiration. So here are the stories of Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and of course Snow White as we would have told them.

(Art work by Emma Charlton)