My Goodbye To Mommyish

good byeAlmost two years ago, I wrote my very first piece for Mommyish on the week the site launched. (That’s right, we’re almost two years old! Don’t forget to get us a card.) I talked about my daughter’s lack of patience, specifically the agony of buying a butterfly garden for a 3-year-old and spending the next few weeks constantly answering questions about how long this transformation nonsense was going to take.

Since then, my little girl, who has often been a subject of my writing here, has learned a whole lot of patience. She’s gotten used to hearing that Mommy just has one more piece to finish before we can cook dinner or play Barbies. She’s gotten used to hearing that Mommy will close the computer in just a few more seconds, after I check the traffic or update the social media. Yes, my whole family has learned a lot of patience while I experimented with this whole writing-from-home idea.

And personally, I’ve learned a lot more than just patience. I’ve learned the joy, pressure, and importance of sharing some of our hardest challenges and tragic losses. I’ve learned to be more thoughtful of other’s parenting choices, but in the end, to trust my own instincts. I’ve met some truly extraordinary people, both co-workers at this site and commenters who have done so much to contribute to this conversation about parenting imperfect.

I have loved my time here as a contributor and editor at Mommyish. So it is with a really heavy heart that I say goodbye to everyone. While I might still bum around the comment boards or even show up with another story to tell, today is my last day writing for the site on a regular basis. I could not be more proud of the site that I’m leaving, one I’ve had the honor to help grow and shape since its beginning.

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of our readers. So many of you have reached out to me through email, Twitter, or Facebook, and I hope you’ll all continue to do so. Maybe now that I have a little more time, I promise to be a hundred times better about getting back to people in a timely manner!

More than anything, I wanted to thank the really wonderful people I work with who make this job so fun. Our amazing editor Koa Beck is not just a talented writer, she is one of the most kind and thoughtful women I will ever have the honor of calling my friend. Eve Vawter isn’t just hilarious, her heart is so big that it has the ability to literally burst through a computer screen. All of our talented contributors here, from Maria Guido to Amanda Low to Gloria Fallon, have inspired me with their stories and their humor and each unique point of view.  And if you aren’t stopping by our sister sites to catch awesome content, like the hilarity of The Gloss’s Wed Bed Dead or the super yummy recipes for Meatless Monday on Blisstree, then you are really missing out.

I feel so blessed to have been involved in this website (and its sister sites!) and so very proud of the work I’ve been apart of. So thank you to everyone! I would say that I’ll miss you, but I have no doubt that I won’t be able to stay away. Instead of saying goodbye, I guess I’ll just say that I’ll see you all soon!

(Photo: Ivonne Wierink/Shutterstock)

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