‘Boyfriend Trainer’ Video Game Tries To Make Domestic Violence ‘Cute’

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Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 9.20.29 AMWell, I think I found the most absurd game geared toward young women, ever. It’s called “The Boyfriend Trainer.” It rewards the player for abusing her unruly boyfriend with such “cute” tactics as using a taser, tennis racket, or a leash to inflict abuse. I guess violent video games marketed to teenage girls is an untapped market. Good grief.

No boyfriend is perfect. It’s time you trained him to become one.

For starters, that sentence doesn’t even make sense. But whatever – I don’t expect much from whoever developed this game, labeled as a “cute, naughty, girl game for teens” on Addicting There is nothing “cute” about this game – that uses violence to torture a misbehaving boyfriend. Hilarious!

Boyfriend’s got a roving eye? Control it. Click on him to hit him when he checks out the girls.

You click the mouse when you see him looking at other girls. He gets a swift punch in the face.

Guys are dirty! Make sure he doesn’t drop anything on the floor.

On this level, when you see your boyfriend drop something – you tase him. I’m not kidding. He drops something and you tase him until he is spasming uncontrollably. Nice.

Keep his healthy habits alive. Whack him if he drinks the red wine instead of the juice.

Now your sadistic girlfriend character has a tennis racket in her hand, ready to hit him in the face if he touches the remote control or the wine.

The next level involves driving with your boyfriend, while he’s on a leash. If he drives too fast, you choke him with it. I’m sure there are more levels, but I’ve had enough. In addition to being the most boring and stupid game on the market, this teaches young girls that domestic violence is a joke. Not to mention the fact that it perpetuates the stereotype that all men are cheating, dirty, reckless idiots. Is it okay that we are teaching young women to respond to problems in their romantic relationships with violence? I don’t think so. If the gender roles were switched here – we would all be up in arms.

Physical violence in relationships is not funny. Period. I’m disgusted that this is being marketed to teens, but not surprised that the “geniuses” behind the Naughty High School game would think of this crap.


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