This Mom Got a Gorgeous Tattoo of Her Daughter as Nefertiti and It’s Amazing


Lonnie Taylor has been interested in the life and legacy of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti since she was in college, and recently she decided she was going to get a tattoo of her idol on her arm. Nefertiti was renowned for her beauty, and when it came time to design the tattoo, Taylor picked the best model she could think of: her daughter, Rhandi.

Taylor and her daughter, Rhandi Purnell, are very close, and they already have matching tattoos that say, “Like mother like daughter.” And when Taylor’s tattoo artist told her that he’d need a model for the face of Nefertiti, she said right away she wanted it to be her daughter.

“She chose me because she ‘doesn’t know anyone prettier,'” Rhandi Purnell said to Buzzfeed. “Sitting with her and watching the tattoo come to life was such a surreal feeling. Watching myself being created into this goddess and especially on my mother’s arm was unbelievable. It was so heartwarming and just incredibly amazing.”



The tattoo artist used a photo of Rhandi’s face and combined it with the famous bust of Nefertiti to create the look for the tattoo, and Taylor and Purnell were both really happy with the results.

“My mom got a portrait of me as Nefertiti on her arm,” Purnell posted to Twitter with a crying emoji and a beating heart emoji.

Taylor’s tattoo is amazingly sweet and so meaningful for her. It’s right on her forearm, so she can see it all the time.

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