Mom Allegedly Sells Baby For $15,000 To Pay For Trip To Disney World

Brace yourselves, this is sad. A Delaware mother of three has been arrested after allegedly selling her newborn son for $15,000 so that she could take her other two sons to Disney World. Bridget Wismer, 33, gave birth to a baby boy on August 31 and, according to reports, she didn’t want the child.

Detectives were tipped off by Wismer’s grandmother, who suspected something was up. Police eventually obtained surveillance camera footage showing Wismer and the alleged baby buyer, 54-year-old John Gavaghan, taking care of paperwork. Two days after Gavaghan took the 4-week-old baby home to Philadelphia with him, police arrested Gavaghan and placed the baby in foster care. Wismer was arrested that same day.

“My friend was helping me care of my son that I just had,” Wismer said. “He’s always tried to adopt and I couldn’t raise another child. I wanted the best for my baby and he wanted the best for the baby and we did it the way we thought we were supposed to.”

Wismer makes it sound like a big misunderstanding, which is very well may be, but the fact remains that she and her friend Gavaghan signed an agreement that involved exchanging the baby for money. In recent months we’ve written about similar cases, including an Australian woman who put both her young children up for sale on eBay (she claimed it was nothing but a bad joke) and a Florida mom who tried to sell her five-year-old to a couple from church for a mere $2000.

It’s a sad reality that women like Wismer are so desperate that they’re willing to go to such lengths to avoid an unwanted child. Thankfully, however, the baby is safe and sound as we all wait to see how this plays out in court.

(Photo: Jupiterimages)

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