‘Midwives On Motos’ Teaches Sex Ed 101

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I had a total Oprah moment earlier today (as in, I secretly cried and felt inspired) while reading about “Midwives On Motos” – a program launched by non-profit reproductive health organization Marie Stopes International, that aims to improve family planning in Cambodia.

Ly Siyan, one of the country’s first and only mobile midwives, travels around on her motorbike to give sex education talks to women in remote areas. She’ll cover off topics like contraception  and STDs and, in general, will work towards having open discussions about sex (a topic considered to be very private in this country).

For many women, it can be easier to get an abortion than seek out contraception. In fact, 56 percent of Cambodian women aged 15 to 49 have reported at least one abortion, according to official figures. It’s not surprising, given that mothers barely broach the subject with their daughters. And, in Cambodian schools, sex education is not compulsory, with teachers giving students nothing more than basic information to their students.

It’s inspiring to read about women like Siyan, who is no doubt having an effect on at least some of the country’s young female population. In fact, she’s empowering them like never before.