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How to Save Money on Maternity Clothes and Still Look Great

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Pregnancy is one of the only times where you know you’re about to go up a few dress sizes and actually be excited about it. You are very likely going to need a new wardrobe when you hit the half-way mark, some need them sooner, others can get away without them for a little longer. Of course, because these close are made for pregnant people, it’s marked up and often way more expensive than regular clothes. So, if you’re not one who has a butt load of money to spend on maternity clothes that you will only wear for a few months, you have to be creative about it.

If you’re needing some maternity clothes, but don’t want to spend all the moneys, here are some tips:


1. Raid Your Own Closets

For a lot of pregnant people, there are some clothes that will fit through the first trimester and some into the second. Pull out those clothes we all have at the back of our closet that might not fit the best but can help get you through the bloated phase before you really start showing. If you have a partner, make sure you check out their clothes as well. Often we can get by with a slightly larger t-shirt and a well-tailored blazer and some loose pants. Try some styles that you’ve not done before and you’ll probably find a look that you love, that works for work, and that will keep you comfortable.


2. Invest In Basics

There are some maternity items that you will just be more comfortable in and if you don’t have a large budget, it’s all about making sure what you’re buying and spending your hard-earned cash on will last and can be used more than once. Get used to this wardrobe because you’re going to be wearing it a lot and you might as well love it.

Choose items that you can dress up or down and get the most for your dollar. A good pair of maternity jeans that have the extend tabs is a must. These can be worn at work, play, or on a date depending on what you pair it with. I’m big for buying maternity tanks as a must have staple in your wardrobe. These will help keep your belly covered when your shirts get a bit too big and they also help hug and support your growing belly. Choose a good sweater if you live in cooler weather areas. Oh and don’t skimp out on a good fitted bra. Your back will thank you.

3. Extend What You Have

You don’t have to replace your whole wardrobe when you’re pregnant, it’s all about being smart about it and in some cases you can just use a few tricks to get your own wardrobe to work for you. Pants can be extended using a rubber band to keep the button closed. Wearing flowy maxi dresses can cover up and grow with your bump — no need to spend extra on the maternity version. Layer up your shirts so a longer tank top is under and use blazers to help keep your shape.

Really, it’s all about comfort because the last thing you want is to feel too constricted, in pain, and miserable for the next 9 months.


Do you have any tried true tips for maternity clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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