Mother Induces Baby So That She Can Meet Dying 10-Year-Old Big Sister

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mother induces labor so baby can meet sisterWhen Katy Holmes, a 10-year-old little girl in Britain, was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor in October, her parents were already expecting her little sister. The cancer-stricken child was given between six and nine months to live after her mother had her rushed to have an MRI following some strange behavior at school.

Katy’s mother, Paula Holmes, tells The Daily Mail  that she instinctively knew something was the matter with her daughter when she failed to smile upon receiving a certificate from her school’s headmaster. Katy did not react at all to the praise:

“Katy is the type of child who always has a smile on her face, and has a happy nature. But when the headteacher gave her the certificate, she did not smile or even flinch. She just looked sad, which was really out of character. My mother’s instinct sent alarm bells ringing, and I knew there was something seriously wrong.”

After a visit to the hospital to have a CT scan, doctors told her Katy was in the clear. She had been complaining of blurry vision and migraines, which were common her family. So doctors asked that Paula keep a diary of her daughter’s migraines, but nothing more. Later, a teacher commentated to Paula that while taking a photograph of Katy on a school trip, something appeared to be off with her one of her eyes.

Doctors performed an MRI on the little girl which revealed the unfathomable for any parents. Katy had an inoperable tumor embedded in her brain stem which had not appeared on the CT scan. Her father described the disease as “the worst and most aggressive type of brain tumour there is.”

Pregnant with another daughter, Paula asked her doctors to induce her baby three weeks early so that Katy could meet her. They consented “without hesitation” and welcomed baby Scarlett Holmes who has her bed-ridden big sister delighted:

‘The realisation that I was pregnant and that Katy might not get to see the baby was terrifying…Katy loves Scarlet, and seems to have a special way with her. All we have to do is put Scarlet in her arms and she starts smiling.”

The family has decided against telling Katy that her condition terminal as they continue to watch her pull through, despite doctor’s predictions. Reportedly, Paula and her family have been told three times to say their goodbyes to Katy — but they refuse.

(UPDATE: Katy’s family finds support on Facebook)