Santa’s Little Helper: Never Get Your Gifts Delivered At Home

gift boxesYou may have family members that are willing to look the other way when those packages hit the doormat but unless you have complete angels for kids, I’d plan otherwise. They may avert their eyes when you collect the boxes and haul them to the guest bedroom or home office or wherever you temporarily hold your gifts before the mass unveiling, but they’ll know the second you run out to the mailbox. Even if you pay for super discreet brown boxes with zero labels or pre-gift wrapped Barbies, they’ll smell it out in the way all little kids do. And wouldn’t it be awful if you had to take credit for those Harry Potter Legos instead of Santa?

So when it comes to ordering gifts online and getting them shipped, consider these top locations to preserve the surprise:

  • The Job – Perhaps the most obvious but also the strongest. If you or your partner work outside the home, run the idea by your boss or office mates and slip those goodies under your desk or work station if possible. Transportation home may be tricky depending on your public transportation or car situation. But returning from your job with boxes doesn’t nearly interest kids as much as the ones that arrive straight to the door.
  • Your Mom’s House – This can obviously be any relative that perhaps lives nearby and doesn’t mind hiding your Justin Bieber figurines or American Girl dolls. Should you choose a parent for this location, they’ll probably have some other prime present-hiding tips from your own childhood so make sure to ask.
  • A Neighbor — The trusted old lady down the street or another couple would probably be happy to sign for those big ticket items provided that you bring them a nice pie or a plate of cookies. Promise them that your kids will no longer destroy their flowerbed.

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