American Teens Travel To London To Exorcize The Demons That Harry Potter Unleashed – Not Kidding

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shutterstock_106195499__1378652829_142.196.156.251Three Arizona teens travelled to London armed with bibles and holy water to exorcize the demons they are convinced the spells contained in the Harry Potter books unleashed. That’s right, London is wracked with demons, but for a mere 200 British pounds, the girls will make the demons go away.

Brynne Larson and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback are black belts in Karate and very handy with crosses and holy water. Larson’s father, Bob Larson, also known as “The King of Crazy” (by me), trained the girls in all things extortion exorcism.

From The Mirror:

They were tailed on their UK trip by film-maker Dan Murdoch, who spent six months with them for a BBC3 documentary.

More than 100 people went to the London mass exorcism at Mile End’s Amazing Grace church.

Brynne – who claims she did her first exorcism at 13 – insisted ­exorcism is not an act.

She said: “I’m not doing it for the cameras. This is life or death. Satan hates us and hates God but I seek the triumph of good.”

According to Bob, in addition to Harry Potter, Satan also rules homosexuals, communism and alcohol – as seen on Facebook.

I don’t know about this whole exorcising of demons thing, but Larson’s website is good for a few hours of hilarity. I’m a professional at wasting time on the Internet, and my professional opinion is that his site is almost as entertaining and time consuming as Oprahfy-Yourself. You’ve been warned.

If exorcising demons interests you as a profession, you can look into the Bob Larson International School of Exorcism ® and take courses like Basic Curse Breaking, Post Constantine Exorcism and Procedures to Deal With Demons. Add some Karate classes to your course load, and maybe you can join the girls on their next mission. I’m thinking it may have something to do with Fifty Shades of Grey – but I can’t be certain.

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