5 Scenarios That Truly Warrant A Nonviolent Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan Fight

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lindsay lohan dina lohan fight

So we all know the reason the Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan fight came to pass this morning. Money. The seemingly always troubled Lohan was reportedly peeved about her driver failing to take her where she wanted to go which then escalated into an argument over a $40,000 loan from Lindsay to Dina. And judging by police being called and the gash on Lindsay’s leg from a broken diamond bracelet, it’s pretty safe to assume that that loan is unpaid. To add gasoline to that fire, Dina was reportedly “wasted” after an evening of clubbing.

But in the morning hours when the motives for Lindsay and Dina’s “blowout, violent fight” were still unclear, I was hoping that the altercation had less to do with loans and booze but with Lindsay perhaps having enough of her reality show of a life. I was hoping the young woman had looked her mother square in the face in that darkened limousine and told her that she was done being a cash cow. No more of this Toddlers & Tiaras bullshit. That she wasn’t mommy’s meal ticket any longer. She had a plane ticket in her back pocket and she was getting as far away from her as humanely possible. That, and other equally cinematic but completely imaginary scenarios came to mind.