Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Bloody Fight With Dina And I Finally Feel Sorry For Her

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Lindsay LohanI realize that Lindsay Lohan has been the object of public scrutiny and scorn for years now. She’s been under a lot of pressure, and she had to face it with truly horrible parents and absolutely zero healthy support. I always knew, in the back of my mind, that it must be really difficult for her. But I never actually felt sorry for her until I read that last night, Lindsay and her mom got into a domestic dispute that resulted in police involvement, injury and property damage.

When Lindsay was getting arrested for drug issues and driving infractions, I shook my head. Those were personal choices she was making. Even if life was hard, it felt like she never took any responsibility for herself or her actions. In fact, I began to think that this lack of accountability was a family trait, made possible by plenty of enabling and assurances that nothing was ever her fault.

I refused to feel sorry for Lindsay because it seemed like she felt so sorry for herself, there was plenty of pity in the situation already. For some reason, last night’s antics switched on something in me. Now, the situation isn’t just annoying, it’s downright sad.

It all started when Lindsay and her mom went out partying in New York. Because obviously, it makes sense for a recovering addict to be in night clubs with her mother until four a.m. From there, the duo headed to Dina’s home on Long Island. Somewhere along the way, the two started arguing and their fight escalated quickly.

The police were called by an observer (?) who said that Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina and the driver. The fight became physical and Lindsay sustained a cut on her leg. There was also property damage, including a broken bracelet of Lindsay’s. Neither party was arrested or taken to the hospital, but the situation still sounds pretty serious. I’m not up-to-date on my Lindsay legal drama, but if she’s still on probation, I’m assuming this might violate it.

When I thought about this whole mess, I tried to imagine who Lindsay would call after the fight with her mom. No doubt her dad is too busy planning TV appearances to comment on the issue to actually help his daughter. It’s hard to be supportive when he’s busy profiting from her. Lindsay’s younger sister Ali escaped to Asia with a modeling gig. I’m pretty sure that Lindsay’s friends have proven themselves to be worthless.

After the cops came to break up the fight between her and her mother, who was this troubled young actress actually able to turn to? The whole business is sad. In the grand scheme of things, it’s just one more sensational headline about the Lohan family. We’re all used to those. It’ll fade when the Kardashians do something insane. But there will still be a young girl who has never had a decent role model or support system in her life. Yes, lots of people have faced those challenges and become amazing people in spite of them, but it doesn’t stop Lindsay’s situation from being sad. Thinking of this young woman sitting there, dealing with police yet again, after a fight between herself and her mother became physical,  I finally found my sympathy for Lindsay Lohan.