Laptops With WiFi Are Boiling Sperm

Business man laptopIf your male partner spends  a lot of his time with a computer or iPad on his lap, good luck with conception. A new study shows that all that heat and radiation from wifi devices is boiling sperm into noneffectiveness.

Some Argentinian scientists collected semen from 29 healthy men and placed the samples underneath a wifi connected laptop. Reuters reports that a quarter of the sperm were no longer swimming while only 14% of the semen samples stored at the same temperature away from the computer were also dead at the tails. Nine percent of the sperm exhibited DNA damage, which scientists determined was three times more likely than the samples kept away from the electromagnetic radiation.

The consensus so far is that the use of a laptop computer with wifi, if positioned near the male reproductive organs, can decrease sperm quality. But scientists are unsure whether this can be said of all laptop computers with wifi connections and what conditions exactly increase this likelihood.

What’s also noteworthy is that a seperate study was conducted with laptops that were not connected to wifi and scientists detected “negligible EM radiation.”

Wifi may be frying your chances to have baby, but Reuters reports that there have yet to be additional studies on how sperm affected by EM impacts fertility rates of chances of pregnancy. But for those of you who are trying to conceive, best to keep that laptop on a desk for the time being.

(photo: Shutterstock)

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