Kmart Sells ‘I ♥ Rich Boys’ Thong For Girls, Parents Freak Out

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We thought crotchless thongs for little girls were kind of creepy, but now we’ve found a whole new product to gag over. Kmart’s girls’ line of thong underwear have slogans such as “I ♥ rich boys,” “I ♥ boys in uniform” and “Call me” emblazoned across the front. Isn’t that just precious?

Almost as disturbing as the underwear itself is the fact that there are parents out there who would actually buy these items for their girls. I think that most sane adults would agree that children are being sexualized like never before – it’s up to us to protect them and ensure we don’t become even more desensitized to this disturbing trend.

Fortunately, angry parents launched a Twitter campaign criticizing the slogans for being “disgusting” and “sleazy.” Kmart has since decided to pull the line from store shelves.

A Kmart spokesperson said the underwear, sold under the house brand Girl XPress, was aimed at the “female youth market” though failed to define what age exactly that market was. But with the word “Girl” in the title, it kind of makes you wonder. Plus, as one shopper tweeted, “Undies are in general women’s section but on an end rack with other girl express (sic) stuff – younger lines.”

“I apologize for the concerns caused by the slogans used on our female underwear and I have had them removed from all of our stores immediately,” said Kmart managing director Guy Russo. “They are inappropriate and we will not be selling any such product in our stores moving forward.”

Melinda Tankard Reist, a spokesperson for the group Collective Shout, which campaigns against the sexual exploitation of women, said the slogans are sending the wrong message to young girls. “This is part of a trend of sexualizing girls by treating them older than they are. It’s reducing them to sexual playthings for someone else, and encouraging them to think of themselves in that way,” she said. We couldn’t agree more!