Father Loads Groceries Into Car, Forgets Child In Shopping Cart

child in grocery cartA father in Nicholasville, Kentucky, took his three kids grocery shopping, unloaded everything into his car and then drove off leaving his 6-month-old infant behind in the grocery cart. A few minutes later, the frazzled father of three realized his mistake and called police while rushing back to the store (could you imagine what that drive must have been like?!).

Fortunately, a couple had already found the baby safe and sound in the grocery cart and took the child back into the store, where the family was reunited. Thank goodness, huh? I like happy endings like this, especially when I imagine what could have been.

Police officer Kevin Grimes said the man was “totally distraught” about the mistake. No charges will be filed but the case will be handed over to social services.

Without knowing any more details, I can honestly say that I feel sick for this man. It sound like an honest mistake and I know so many moms with similar horror stories. Being a parent means taking on tons of responsibility and multitasking like mad, which can often lead to oversights, including major ones like forgetting to load your child into the car. It sounds absurd, I know, but I totally get how something like this could happen to otherwise attentive and responsible parents.

I’ll never forget the time my older son, now 6, was a newborn. My husband and I drove to a family function one Sunday afternoon and when we got out of the car, I just assumed my husband would grab our infant from the back since the car seat was on his side. But he didn’t. So instead of just telling him to get our kid, I decided to be a shit and see how it all played out. We made it around five houses up the street before I said, “Should one of us get the baby out of the car?” The best is that he didn’t flinch, just responded, “Sure thing.” But we cracked up about it days later.

My point is that this kind of stuff happens all the time, though it rarely makes the news. I’m just happy to hear that this little 6-month-old was unharmed (again, I just think of what could have been the baby was left in a parking lot!). And I’m probably safe in saying that this father will ensure that something like this never happens again.

(Photo: Ron Chapple Studios)

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