As You Predicted, Katie Holmes Left Tom Cruise To Protect Suri From Scientology Crazies

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Katie HolmesWell, it didn’t take long for this narrative of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ divorce to emerge.

Everyone’s favorite Scientology couple is no more after Katie allegedly “blindsided Suri Cruise’s father with divorce papers. Tom was apparently away filming in Iceland when he got word that Katie was doubling down on the big D-word. And although their marriage apparently hadn’t been peachy for awhile, some sources are indicating that Katie finally felt compelled to leave because of her little girl’s well-being.

TMZ reports that Katie was pretty sure her husband was all about sending Suri to Sea Org, a “hardcore Scientology organization”:

Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest levels of Scientology are taught and kids as young as five can be sent to live there … without their parents — and our sources say Tom is a big fan.

Our sources say Katie and Tom had been arguing over Suri’s indoctrination into Scientology — and we’re told the Sea Org was the flashpoint.

The Sea Org has been often compared to a boot camp and several ex-Scientologists (including Oscar winner Paul Haggis) have been outspoken against its military-like conditions.

Such factors could illuminate why Katie is going for full custody of Suri with the help of even her own father and lawyer. Grandpa Martin Holmes reportedly flew to New York to help his daughter orchestrate the divorce. Katie even set up a new home for both she and Suri before filing, ditching the family’s New York apartment.

Now the soon-to-be divorcee is apparently super stressed about some sketchy cars parked outside her apartment, rumored to contain members of Scientology. The Church has denied these allegations. But if Katie did uproot her daughter out of legitimate concern for her safety, a conspicuous white Escalade would definitely be something to take mental note of.

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