Look At This Jerkface Lady Steal A Foul Ball Out Of A Little Girl’s Hands

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Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 6.54.02 AMOh man, this is SO bad. I can’t believe this white-denim clad Kris Jenner-a-bee could be this much of a jerk to a little girl, especially considering I’m pretty sure she was well aware there was a chance someone might be filming this incident. Let’s watch shall we? (Mainly so you guys can be as appalled as I am)

[youtube_iframe id=”Wzm0nh2Q1ak”]


This incident happened at Houston’s Minute Maid field when Arizona Diamondback Juan Miranda tossed the discarded ball to the little girl but nooooope, Meanie McMeanie just comes along and snatches it from her, and then has the nerve to go high five all of her friends.

WooHoo Yay me I stole a ball from a child!

The only happy part of this story is that officials sent down another ball to the little girl but it’s just not the same as the ball she caught! It’s not fair!

I sort of love how the woman sitting in the striped shirt next to the ball-stealer just keeps her hands clasped together like “Nope, no high five from me.”

No high five from me either you mean lady!

(Image: You Tube)