Jessa Duggar Clears Up a Long-Standing Duggar Family Myth

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There are a lot of things about the famous Duggar family that people can’t wrap their head around. The first is probably that the head of the family, Jim Bob and Michelle, have 19 kids, the second is likely their now public skeletons, and how their lives work differently than so many others. Many of the kids, including Jessa Duggar, have now gone to have their own families, getting married and having kids. And with more Duggars to talk about, more questions come up and rumors and myths circulate. Generally, the family doesn’t pay attention to these rumors an myths.

But sometimes we get those questions cleared up, and that’s what Jessa Duggar recently did.

Jessa Duggar is pretty good about answering questions from her fans in her social media comments section. Not a lot of them because the girl gets a whole lot, but the odd time she will chime in and talk back. Recently, someone commented on one of her Instagram photos, asking a question so many of us have wondered. Jessa shared a photo of her older sister, Jana, on Instagram. Jana, who is not married, doesn’t have her own social media channels, so we really only get to see her when her siblings feature her. It’s a nice sight, cause Jana seems pretty cool. And one fan asked about that — why Jana doesn’t have her own Instagram. And another fan answered with what we’ve all just thought.

“I think their family has their own rule that they can’t have their own social media until they are in a relationship,” a person said in response to another fan who questioned why Jana isn’t on Instagram.

Jessa Duggar cleared that up for everyone — because it’s apparently just a myth.

“It’s not a rule, it’s just coincidence. ” she replied.

So… there you have it from a Duggar family member themselves. This idea that the ladies and gents of the family can’t be in charge of their own public shares until they’re hitched is just a myth. TBH tho it seems like a really odd coincidence… also people just want more Jana.

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(Image: Instagram / @jessaseewald)