Another Jerry Sandusky Victim Comes Forward – His Son Matt

The trial of Jerry Sandusky has been filled with drama and tense emotional moments. The abuse experienced by these victims was deplorable, but had already been widely reported before the trial itself began. The testimonies were gut-wrenching, but they didn’t bring forward a wealth of new information. However, it looks like the criminal case will end with quite a surprise.

One more victim of Sandusky has stepped forward. That brave man is Sandusky’s son, Matt Sandusky. Honestly, I get a lump in my throat and tears and my eyes just typing that sentence. It is impossible not to feel horrible for what this man had to go through.

The son’s attorney released a statement today saying:

“During the trial, Matt Sandusky contacted us and requested our advice and assistance in arranging a meeting with prosecutors to disclose for the first time in this case that he is a victim of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse. At Matt’s request, we immediately arranged a meeting between him and the prosecutors and investigators.

“This has been an extremely painful experience for Matt and he has asked us to convey his request that the media respect his privacy. There will be no further comment.”

Matt Sandusky was an adopted son of the Sandusky’s. He first came to them as a foster child through the coach’s Second Mile charity. The prosecution believes that Sandusky met all of his victims through this charity. Matt was actually adopted by Jerry Sandusky and his wife as an adult.

Matt is one of six boys that were adopted by the Sandusky’s, though he is the only one to come forward as a victim of his father. It has previously been reported that Matt attempted suicide shortly after going to live with the family in 1995. Whether Matt’s attempt was a result of the abuse is a question that I’m sure will come up in his testimony.

Every story we hear about Jerry Sandusky is stomach-churning and awful. There is no way to comment on such a horrific series of crimes against children. All we can really do is pray for the victims, for the families involved and that justice is done.

UPDATE: Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 out of 48 charges. His son Matt did not testify in the trial.  Read more here.

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