Hey Jenny McCarthy, Lashing Out At Jim Carrey Isn’t Helping Your Son One Bit

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jenny mccarthy jim carreyThat Jenny McCarthy, she really is a piece of work. The former Playboy model, best known for her claims that vaccines cause autism, is lashing out ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey. They broke up in 2010 after a five-year relationship, which I’ll admit must’ve been really hard on McCarthy and her 10-year-old son Evan (and without knowing any details whatsoever, I’m sure it was hard on Carrey, too). Anyway, McCarthy recently said in an interview with Howard Stern that Evan, who has autism, misses Carrey a lot – but that Carrey refuses to see him.

“I’ve tried to ask [Jim] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks,” McCarthy told Stern, going on to explain that her son is now suffering because of the failed relationship. “He’s been in therapy. It’s a process [and] he’s working on it,” she revealed.

This is sad, to be sure, but what the hell is she hoping to accomplish with this nonsense? Look, I have no idea what Carrey’s deal is – maybe he truly thinks it’s better for Evan if he stays out of the little boy’s life, which is what he’s saying, or maybe he’s just a heartless dick. While I hope, for Evan’s sake, that it’s the former, McCarthy should be keeping her mouth shut either way. That’s because she’s violating Evan’s right for privacy.

Of course, there’s no shame in admitting that your child is in therapy. In fact, McCarthy has helped countless moms out there with her advocacy and her openness about her own family challenges. But I’m wondering why she feels the need to publicly lash out at Jim Carrey and, even worse, place her child at the center of it all. McCarthey should know better. As far as I’m concerned, she’s not helping her son one bit by criticizing her ex – especially not on national radio. I just feel sorry for the kid.

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