Japan Is a Magical Wonderland Where You Can Buy Sliced Chocolate Designed for Melting onto Toast

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Sliced chocolate is the best culinary innovation since Australia covered buttered bread with colored sprinkles and called it Fairy Bread. Slicing things is generally an extremely useful thing to do. How much longer would it take to make lunch if we could not buy sliced deli meats, or sliced cheese? I don’t know how I would manage to wrap a slice of American cheese around a banana if it didn’t come in such a convenient form. (Sliced cheese around a banana is delicious. Come at me, bros.) But now Japan has a slice of chocolate that might be better than sliced cheese, or sliced ham. Hell, it might even be better than sliced bread, or at least it elevates sliced bread from the useful to the magical.

According to Rocket News 24, the sliced chocolate looks and feels just like a slice of American cheese. It’s designed to be put on a piece of bread and toasted, but the possibilities for something like this are truly endless. Clearly you could cook up a grilled chocolate sandwich, maybe with some strawberry or banana slices in there. You could cut them into shapes for your kid’s lunch and then eat the scraps. I even think it would be good wrapped around a banana.

The chocolate slices are made by a company called Bourbon, which does not actually make bourbon but I will forgive them because they invented sliced chocolate. The chocolate slices debuted a little under a year ago, and they were so popular that now the company has come out with white chocolate slices as well. Those do look just like slices of white American cheese, but hopefully not too many people will get confused, because that could be problematic. I like white chocolate as much as the next person, but I don’t want it on my turkey sandwich.

Clearly, the next step is to put both the white chocolate and the chocolate onto the same sandwich and melt them together.