Genius Mom Calls 911 Over Her Kid’s Foot Getting Stuck In Chair

call-911A mother was very concerned with the slow response time she recently experienced when she called 911 after an emergency with her toddler. She was met with a pre-recorded hold message, terrified that she’d have to deal with her emergency on her own. The emergency? Her toddler’s leg was caught in a chair.

No, I’m not kidding. ”I don’t know which way a leg can go in that situation, so I’m not risking it snapping,” mom said.

Mom told CTV News that she was unable to get immediate help for her child and it was scary. Commander Richard Hince of the Calgary Police says emergency responders were swamped when she called, because of an actual real emergency. I added that last bit. There was a pedestrian-versus-vehicle accident and many witnesses were calling to report it at the same time. In other news, we just go to the media for everything now. I bought some strawberries from Publix last night and they are basically all rotten at the bottom. Do you think anyone cares? Is it a slow news day? Let me see if I can get someone to care.

I’m sorry I’m being flip about a mom who was scared that her child was hurt, but I think we all need to get on the same page about what a 911 emergency is. That way, the lines won’t be clogged with non-emergencies, and maybe those with actual emergencies can get through. “That two or three minutes put on hold could cause that person to die,” Mom said. Not her daughter in her non-emergency situation – but someone. If you are calling 911 to get advice on how to get your kid’s leg unstuck, I think you should probably just wait patiently, since this isn’t a life or death situation.

I get that if she had a real emergency it could have been bad and terrifying and all of those things. But she didn’t. There was a big accident. The lines were tied up. The end.

(photo: Becky Stares/ Shutterstock)

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