I Had ‘New Baby’ Ache Until Both My Kids Got Sick At The Same Time

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I love my mommy-son dates with my 4½ year old when we go to movies, plays and out for lunch just the two of us. I relish our long talks, and the brilliant and funny things he says. I adore listening to my daughter learning to talk as she repeats every word I say, crawls into my lap and says, “Mommy.”

I’m not sure what I was missing  because life was exactly how I wanted it. My daughter had finally begun sleeping through the night, and I could go out again. Drinks, dinners and adult conversation all became a reality. I started my own writing/editing business and was truly living a dream I didn’t even know was possible. I had it all, which is why I wanted more. No matter how busy and happy I was, nothing could beat the joy and excitement of a new baby.

My husband thought I was certifiable to even be considering a third kid when we could barely handle how busy we were with two. My friends who had two kids also thought I was nuts. They totally got the ache of wanting a new baby, but had no desire to do it all again.

I went so far as to start calculating when the baby would be born if I got pregnant right that second. I figured that my breasts had already lost their former glory, my stomach would never be the same, and sleep, well, it would happen one day. Then, following another restful night, I bounced out of bed when I heard my kids calling for me.

I went to my daughter’s room, expecting the same toothy grin I get every morning. Instead, she had snot all over her face and her cheeks were flushed. I kissed her forehead and, yup, she was warm. Oh well, she had a slight fever and cold. No big deal. She’s so easygoing that I was sure it would pass quickly. And though she was still her sunny self for most of the morning, the snot was flowing, and she was getting warmer. I called my husband to let him know and tell him he’d have to pick our son up from school that day when he finished work.

I had just put my daughter down for her nap, usually a painless and easy task, and was about to start working. Because I’m home with her full-time, I work during her naps and at night. I was sure I’d figure it out if we had another kid. But this time, she wouldn’t sleep, and just as I was about to go and get her, the phone rang. I checked call display. Hmm, it was my son’s school. Heart racing (those calls always get me scared), they assured me it wasn’t an emergency, but could I come and pick my son up? He had an earache.

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