Men Everywhere, Take A Lesson From Kochie – Nobody Wants To Hear Your Opinions About Breastfeeding In Public

shutterstock_75258277Men everywhere – let this be a lesson to you. Keep your mouths shut about women breastfeeding in public. It’s natural, it’s necessary, we’re going to do it. If you say anything about how indiscreet we are – we will pummel you for it.

David Koch, an Australian news presenter known as “Kochie,” made some comments about public breastfeeding yesterday that basically pissed every woman in Australia off. From The Sydney Morning Herald:

In response to a story about a Queensland mother being asked to be more discreet with her breastfeeding at a public pool, Koch said it was ”fair enough” that an attendant had asked her to move.

He later tweeted that, while agreeing with the legal right of mothers to breastfeed in public, doing it discreetly was a ”common courtesy to others”. And he said onĀ Sunrise: ”I’ve never seen it done in such a high-traffic area.”

Here is the offending tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 8.33.38 AM

Women are pissed – and they have a right to be. I think we’ve all had enough of breastfeeding women being sexualized and reprimanded. What the hell is wrong with the world today? On the one hand, you have nudity and sexual images selling everything from cars to socks, and on the other hand we act as if we are some puritanical society that will surely die if we see the nipple slip of a breastfeeding mother. It’s ridiculous.

Women have taken to his Facebook page to tell him exactly how they feel about his comments:

What is the difference between topless girls on the beach or girls that wear barely anything at all (which no one complains about) and mums breast feeding in public? i do not understand what the big deal is! how does BF in public hurt any one?


Honestly, breast feeding is a personal choice (that I strongly agree with) but if you don’t like it, be an adult and look away, don’t be so childish and rude to make a scene.


If you don’t want to see someone breastfeeding don’t look!! Or better yet don’t leave your house! Really rude kochie …. Did you tell your wife to cover up ? It’s really hot at the moment so it’s hard to cover up …. Don’t be creepy and look !


If you have a problem with a woman feeding her child – the most natural action in the world – keep it to yourself. You’re repressed, you’re an idiot, you’re not evolved, and the rest of the world shouldn’t have to bend to your whims. This is just stupid.

I have a really novel idea for you – look away.

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