10 Worst Things You Can Say To A Woman With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

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3. “It’s good for your kids. They’ll adjust easier when the new baby comes.”

For young children, watching their mother suffer with a severe illness for an extended period of time is not good for them. It’s traumatic and the mother likely hates that her kids have to see her that way. Though it may be true that the child will be somewhat adjusted to mom catering to them less once the baby arrives, it’s a pretty horrendous way to achieve that outcome. Don’t make light of how challenging this is for mom or other family members, especially children.

2. “You shouldn’t take medication while pregnant. It’s bad for the baby.”

Any woman prescribed Zofran, or other powerful anti-nauseas, are taking them because they have no other choice. I was terrified during my first pregnancy that it would harm my daughter, but I knew what would really harm her was continuing to lose weight (about twenty pounds in the first trimester alone). You can’t sustain a pregnancy on water and crackers. Do not add unnecessary guilt onto a woman taking control of her health and her baby’s.

1.It’s not that bad.

I think I speak for all HG survivors when I say, it is that bad. Actually, it’s worse. If you haven’t personally been there, please, do your research before telling a suffering woman that her misery is being exaggerated. She’d give anything to have “morning sickness” and not HG.

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